We provide professional pool service and repairs!
Εξειδικευμένο Service

Εξειδικευμένο Service

Service με διαγνωστικά συστήματα της εταιρείας Maytronics και στελεχωμένο με προσωπικό εκπαιδευμένο στο εξωτερικό.

Συντήρηση πισίνας

Συντήρηση πισίνας

Καλύπτοντας όλες τις πτυχές για την φροντίδα της πισίνας, παρέχονται συστήματα επεξεργασίας – απολύμανσης νερού φιλικά προς το...

Πώληση ρομπότ καθαρισμού & Εξοπλισμού πισίνας

Πώληση ρομπότ καθαρισμού & Εξοπλισμού πισίνας

Εμπορευόμαστε τα κορυφαία ρομπότ καθαρισμού πισίνας maytronics καθώς και εξοπλισμό για την πισίνα σας.

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How It Works

Υποβάλετε το αίτημα σας.

Προώθηση αιτήματος στο αντίστοιχο τμήμα.

Ενημέρωση για τον προγραμματισμό εργασιών.

Ολοκλήρωση εργασιών και παράδοση εξοπλισμού.

Pool maintenance services to commercial properties with pools

Reliability and quality are two good reasons, but you also need a pool technician that is certified, can take on any needed repairs and renovations that may come up and knows the local “rules and regs”. Ensuring a clean environment is the goal of any pool professional, so why choose one over the other? Keep your pool clean, efficient and safe with routine pool maintenance service.

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We have three plans to choose from.
Look them over and let us know which one best fits your needs.


Full service every week



A qualified company service technician will make one trip per week to the pool to perform the following service: vacuum, test water for correct balance,add chemicals.

Full service alternating with a chemical check/brush


Our professional team provide chemical service with vacuuming, skimming, brushing, emptying baskets and perform visual check of your pool equipment.

One full service every four weeks with three chemical check/brush


A qualified company service technician will perform the following service: vacuum, test water for correct balance, add chemicals and perform check of equipment.

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Are you a pool technician wanting to grow your pool service business?

Our organization is a full service pool maintenance company. We pride ourselves on providing first class service and excellent workmanship. We have the knowledge, and experience, to provide expert pool maintenance and repairs for pool owners. We are professional in every aspect of our business, from appearance and reliability, to the way we take care of your pool.

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